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Démodulateurs supportés

Démodulateurs supportés

On this page you find all receiver, STB, TV or television sets that you can use with SetEdit, a channel editor or settings editor to sort, delete, edit, move channels or program (programs) and organize FAV or favourite lists on the PC.
The list is sorted alphabetically by manufacturer.

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
@Sat 5015/6915SetEditArrox
@Sat CX5010/CX6910/FX7220/NZ 7210SetEditAtSat
@Sat FTA-5000SetEditKaon
@Sky BoxSetEditNeotion

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
AB Cryptobox 350HDSetEditArgusMini
AB Cryptobox 650HDSetEditQviart
Aciko 3221/3222/3224/3225SetEditAtSat
Aciko AC 5221/5222/5225SetEditMX31
Aciko AC-4221/4222/4225SetEditMX31
Alden TVSetEditJaytech
Aldi (Medion) MD 26001/E24003SetEditSL80
Aldi (Tevion) DFA 202SetEditTevion
Aldi (Tevion) PVR 8005 HDDSetEditFinePass
Allvision AV 4102/5040/6102SetEditODS
Alma S-2200 HDSetEditHD100
Alpha 7300 plusSetEditEvolution
AlphaGoldDigital AD-7000SetEditEvolution
Amiko SHD 8360SetEditHD100
Amiko SHD-8900 AlienSetEditPingulux
Amiko STHD 8200SetEditArgusMini
Amiko STHD 8340SetEditArgusMini
Amiko STHD 8820SetEditArgusMini
Amstar 9900 GoldSetEditEvolution
Amstrad DigiXSetEditRadix
Amstrad PremiumXSetEditPremiumX
Anadol HD222plusSetEditAnadol
Anysat 7000SetEditTonbury
Arcon 1500SetEditChallenger
Arcon 1800SetEditChallenger
Arcon 2010SetEditFDU-HD
Arcon AF9300SetEdit5020
Arcon Titan 1000/1100/1200/1300SetEditArcon
Arcon Titan 1400SetEditFDU
Arcon Titan 1600SetEditFDU
Arcon Titan 4000SetEditHBP
Arcon Titan 5000SetEditKoscomPVR
Arcon Titan 6000SetEditDigenius
Arion 9300 (CD)SetEdit5020
Arion AC2710SetEditAHD
Arion AF 1018 2018 3018 4018 5018 8018 8200SetEditEdision
Arion AF 1100/2100SetEditArcon
Arion AF 1200/2200SetEditArcon
Arion AF 1500SetEditEdision
Arion AF 1700SetEditEdision
Arion AF 1900 CISetEditEdision
Arion AF 5230SetEditAHD
Arion AF 8100SetEditArcon
Arion AF 9400SetEdit5020
Arion AF/AT 9300SetEdit5020
Arion AF2000SetEditArcon
Ariva 100/100ESetEditHD100
Ariva 102/202SetEditHD100
Ariva 200SetEditHD100
Ariva 203 ComboSetEditHD100
Ariva 253 ComboSetEditHD100
Ariva 300SetEditAriva300
Ariva TT HD PVRSetEditHomecast
Ariza Ultra 400/500SetEditKaon
Ariza XtremeSetEditHomecast
Arnion 6410SetEditArnion
Arrox Tiger XSetEditArrox
Aston Diva HDSetEditAstonHD
Aston Maya HDSetEditAstonHD
Aston Simba HD FransatSetEditAstonHD
Aston Wamba HDSetEditAstonHD
Aston Xena HD Twin Connect SetEditAstonHD
Aston Xena HD TwinSetEditAstonHD
Aston Xena/1600/1700/1800(HD)/2000/Simba/WambaSetEditAston
Astra ASR 630SetEditCoship2300
Astro ASR 1200 Twin HDSetEditFDU-HD
Astrotel ASR 620/700/710SetEditRadix
Astrovox VSR-2600SetEditEvolution
Atevio AV7000 HDPVRSetEditFDU-HD
Atevio AV7500 HDSetEditFDU-HD
Atlanta 5400 IR(+)SetEditCoship2300
Atlanta 9200 FTASetEditCoship2300
Atlanta 9600 CI PlusSetEditCoship2300
Atlanta 9900 DAPSetEditStrong4xx5
Atlanta AT 510/530SetEditStrong4xx5
Atlanta Digital 6500 IR2CI(+)SetEditCoship2300
Atlanta HD BoxSetEditHBP
Atom 1400/1500/8000SetEditAtSat
Atom 7000/9000SetEditArrox
Auvisio 1143SetEditHD100
Auvisio DSR-390uSetEditSL40
Auvisio DSR-395uSetEditSL40
Auvisio DSR-460SetEditSL40
Avanit SHD 5SetEditMX04HD
Avanit SXHDSetEditMX04HD
Avex Oyster TVSetEditOyster
Axil AD600SetEditCoship2300
AZAmerica S900 HDSetEditHD100
AZBox (DVB-S)SetEditAZ

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
B-Ware HK 490SetEditQviart
B-Ware JB007SetEditQviart
B-Ware JB008SetEditQviart
Baff 2000HDSetEditArgusMini
Baff DVB-5000SetEditMX31
Baftect CSA-2003SetEditEvolution
Balmet OTR-6600 PVRSetEditKoscomPVR
Beausat IRCI-5400SetEditEvolution
Beko BS 500SetEditTF5000
Beko BS-1000SetEditTF
BeSat 2400SetEditAtSat
BeSat 5400SetEditAtSat
BeSat EM 9001SetEditAtSat
BigSat BSG 6500SetEditFTE
Blaupunkt TVSetEdit21174
Boca DSL 212/214/216/218SetEditSL65
Boca DSR 103/104SetEditComag
Boca DSR 202/CI2102SetEditODS
Boca PVR 1040/2040/2240SetEditODS
Boca PVR2SetEditSL80
Bose Zenga 101 S-CISetEditFinePass
Botech 5500 FTA/XFTA/CI/CXSetEditEvolution
Botech 9000 CI/XCISetEditEvolution
Botech CA-9000/9500SetEditEvolution

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
CaptiveWorks CW 600SSetEditCXSummer
Caratech CAV LED TVSetEditJaytech
Challenger unlimitedSetEditChallenger
Changhong CHiQSetEditChanghong
Changhong E6000ISX2SetEditChanghong
Changhong TVSetEditChanghong
Chess DSR-4500SetEditFTE
Chess FTA 35/45SetEditSL65
Chess SL 65SetEditSL65
Chess V Type/ODS 3500/ODS A/ODS 3000/PVR 4x00SetEditODS
Citizen 4000SetEditArcon
Citizen 5000SetEditArcon
Citizen 7000SetEditArcon
Citycom CCR 500SetEditHumaxV3
Citycom CCR 506/511SetEditODS
Citycom CCR 520SetEditNextwave2500
Citycom CCR 610/640SetEditCoship2300
Clark Cl 600 PremiumSetEditHeadPlus
Clarke Tech 1200SetEditFTE
Clarke Tech 1500/2000/2100SetEditClarkeTech
Clarke Tech 5000 (C)SetEditClarkeTech
Clarke Tech 550 Enigma 1SetEditDream
ClarkeTech 6600SetEditClarkeTech
Cobra VolpeSetEditMX100
Columbia G2 FTA/CISetEditHeadPlus
Comag FTA IIISetEditComag
Comag FTA IV/2CISetEditODS
Comag GMI FTA RG405SetEditFTE
Comag HD S-CI100SetEditComagHDS
Comag HD25 ZapperSetEditHD25Zapper
Comag PVR 1040/1040/2240SetEditODS
Comag PVR ISetEditEvolution
Comag PVR II (not PVR2/100CI)SetEditODS
Comag PVR2 100CISetEditSL80
Comag SL 35SSetEditFTE
Comag SL 60SetEditSL60
Comag SL 65SetEditSL65
Comag SL 90 HD+SetEditSL60
Comag SL-55SetEditComag
Comag SL100HDSetEditHD100
Comag SL20SetEditSL40
Comag SL25SetEditSL40
Comag SL40SetEditSL40
Comag SL45SetEditSL45
Comag SL50SetEditHD100
Comag SL80/2SetEditSL80
Comag SL900SetEditHD100
Comag SL90HDSetEditHD100
Commander XCAS474S-4000CISetEditEvolution
Comwell MC-35SetEditComwell
Comwell MC-40 MC-50SetEditHeadPlus
Conaxsat CNXSetEditSTX
Conrad SL 18 D CISetEditDigenius
Coolsat 4000/6000SetEditClarkeTech
Coolsat 5000 PlatinumSetEditClarkeTech
Coolsat 7000SetEditFDU
Coolstream Neo HD1SetEditNeutrino
Coolstream ZeeSetEditNeutrino
Coship 2300SetEditCoship2300

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Dansat D 1000SetEditMX100
Dansat G7SetEditComag
DBM settingsSetEditSL40
Delta SDR 510USetEditChallenger
Deltasat 1104SetEditCoship2300
DGS DSF-1000SetEditNextwave2500
DGS Mutant 200SetEditNextwave2500
Digenius TV box (ci)SetEditDigenius
Digiality FTA 200 CI 202/203/204SetEditDigiality
Digiality IR-103SetEditD103
Digiality VCCI 304SetEditDigiality
Digian S2000/3000/4000SetEditUFD
Digicag AT-6010SetEditKaon
Digicag AT-6030SetEditKaon
Digiline EK-60040SetEditKaon
Digiquest 6400SetEditMX04
Digiquest 6600SetEditFortec
Digiquest 7000/8000SetEditKaon
Digiquest 8600 HDSetEditMX04HD
Digiquest HK490SetEditQviart
Digiquest JB008SetEditQviart
Digiquest P2000SetEditAston
Digistar 4020/4220SetEditArrox
Digistar DSR-5220SetEditArrox
Digistar X-Dragon D2200SetEditArrox
Digital 1200 CISetEditNeotion
Digital 1200/3200/3300/3400/600/610/612SetEditNeotion
Digital M50SetEditMX04
Digital M95 HD-S CI100SetEditComagHDS
Digitalbox Imperial HD5+SetEditSL60
DigitAllWorld 5100SetEditDAW2000
DigitAllWorld SFT/SCI 1000/2x00/4x00ESetEditDAW2000
DigitAllWorld SFT/SCI 900ESetEditDAW900
DigiX DSC 911SetEditDigiX
Dion DT414SSetEditEvolution
Dion DT800SSetEditEvolution
Dipro DM 2205SetEditKoscomPVR
Discovery BTT-1000SetEditCoship2300
Dizipia DS-6440HDSetEdit8500
Dizipia DS4H-6450SetEdit8500
Doombox HD900 TwinSetEditHD100
Dr.HD F16SetEditClarkeTech
Dr.HD Grand TripleSetEditClarkeTech
Dragonsat HD-6000SetEditFDU-HD
Dream 520/525SetEditDream
Dream DM 500/5x00/70xxSetEditDream
Dream DM 800/820/8000 SetEditDream
Dream DM 900/920SetEditDream
DSN 9000PVRSetEditKoscomPVR
DSN GR-8050SetEditKaon
DSR 3018SetEditArcon
DSR 4018SetEditEdision
DSR 5000SetEditEdision
DSR 5001SetEditEdision
DSR 5003SetEditCoship2300
DSR 7000/7001/7002SetEditEdision
DSTB ST 9900SetEditEdision
DT Box CI-007SetEditArcon
DTM-Box 2004SetEditEdision
Duolabs Qbox HDSetEditDream
Dynavision CI-888SetEditAtSat
Dynavision CX-9900SetEditAtSat
Dynavision CX-9900/F-6600/CI-8800SetEditMX31
Dyon Eagle DVBS2SetEditSL40
Dyon Gamma 24SetEditSL40
Dyon IcarusSetEditDyon
Dyon RaptorSetEditHD100

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
EasyOne HX44 Twin CI+SetEditHD100
EasyOne TX8500SetEdit8500
EasyOne TX8750SetEdit8500
Echolink EL 2300/3000SetEditEvolution
Echolink EL 5000 HDSetEditMX100
Echolink EL 7020SetEditVantageHD
Echosat 9650/9750/9850/9950SetEditArrox
Echosat FTA/CI/SkySetEditEdision
Echosat Haifa Sky/9600/9800SetEditKaon
Echosat X5/X7SetEditODS
Echostar (A)D 2600/3600 (Viaccess)SetEditNAV
Echostar 5020SetEdit5020
Echostar AD2000SetEditPraxis
Echostar AD3000 IP (Viaccess)SetEditAD3000
Echostar D-2510 IP (Viaccess)SetEditAD3000
Echostar D2400-IPSetEditNAV
Echostar D2500IPSetEditPraxis
Echostar DSB 1200/2200 (Viaccess)SetEditNAV
Echostar DSB 707/808 (Viaccess)SetEditNAV
Echostar DSB-1100SetEditAD3000
Echostar DSB-2100 2CI (Viaccess)SetEditAD3000
Echostar DSB-2300SetEditEvolution
Echostar DSB1000SetEditPraxis
Echostar DVR 5000/7000 HDDSetEditNAV
Echostar LT8700 (version 4.0 or 4.1)LTEdit
Echostar Satstation 2SetEditKaon
Edision 1100/1120SetEditEdision2000
Edision 1600SetEditEdision1600
Edision 2000/21x0/26x0SetEditEdision2000
Edision 2500 CISetEditEdision
Edision 3120SetEdit3120
Edision Argus ClassicSetEditArgus
Edision Argus MiniSetEditArgusMini
Edision Argus Miniplus HighspeedSetEditArgusMini
Edision Argus OptimussSetEditArgusMini
Edision Argus PiccolloSetEditArgusMini
Edision Argus PinguluxSetEditPingulux
Edision HypnosSetEditTrojan
Edision OS MiniSetEditGigaBlue
Edision progressive HDSetEditHD100
Edision TrojanSetEditTrojan
Edision TyranSetEditEdision1600
Edision Tyran HDSetEditSL40
Electron PS 1900SetEditArcon
EmmeEsse Digital-2200/3200SetEditEvolution
EmmeEsse Digital-6000 PVRSetEditEvolution
Emos EM170SetEditSL40
Engel ES 1000/1100/1200/1300/2000/2010/5000SetEditFortec
Esosat SR650HDSetEditSL60
ESpectra ES 1000/2000/2100/2200/2300/3000SetEditKaon
Eurosky DSR 2000 IISetEditDigenius
Eurostar Eurobox EB 9500SetEditVantage
Every SetEdit versionSetEditLight
Eycos 30.12SetEditEycos
Eycos 80.12SetEdit8012
Eycos 82.15SetEdit8215
Eycos 95.15SetEdit8215
Eycos E 1000SetEditArcon
Eycos E4000 PVRSetEditMX100
Eycos S 50.12 PVRSetEdit5020
Eycos S 55.12 PVRHSetEdit5020
Ezy-Box 8000SetEdit8012

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Ferguson AF 1018 2018 3018 4018 5018 6018 7018 8018SetEditEdision
Ferguson AF-2818SetEditArcon
Ferguson AF3100CKSetEditOctagon
Ferguson Ariva 100/100ESetEditHD100
Ferguson Ariva 102/202SetEditHD100
Ferguson Ariva 200SetEditHD100
Ferguson Ariva Link 100SetEditArivaLink
Ferguson HF 8800 HDSetEditHomecast
Ferguson HF 8900 HDSetEditHomecast
Ferguson KF7000SetEditHD100
Finepass FSR 1000/2000 DRSetEditNAV
FinePass FSR 5000SetEditFinePass
Finlux 32-850ctsSetEditMedionLife
Finlux 43 FUA 8060SetEditMedionLife
Finlux DVB-410SetEditXSat
Focus 15x00SetEditODS
Fomuoler F4 E2 HDTVSetEditDream
Force D-Master/5-SeriesSetEditForce
Formuler F1 E2 HDTVSetEditDream
Formuler F3 E2 HDTVSetEditDream
Fortec DVB 786/DVB2000SetEditFortec
Fortec FSCI/FSCOSetEditUltra
Fortec FSD/FSM 9000/9200/9400/9600/9800SetEditFortec
Fortec FSIR (CI) 5400SetEditFortec
Fortec FTA/FSCx 5000/5100/5200/5600/5900SetEditHomecast
Fortec Lifetime UltraSetEditUltra
Fortec Passion HDSetEditPassion
Fortec Platinum (NA)SetEditEvolution
Fortec Ultra/Ultimate/Magic WorldSetEditUltra
Fortis 9000 HDSetEditFDU-HD
Fortis Android STBSetEditFortisAndroid
Fortis FS-9200 HDSetEditFDU-HD
Fortis NP7010SetEditFortisAndroid
Freesat V7SetEditFreesatV7
Freesat V8SetEditFreesatV7
FTA 5000SetEditEvolution
FTE Max 100SetEditFTE
FTE Maximal IRDSetEditComag
Fuba ODE 560SetEditEvolution
Fuba ODE990SetEditRadix
Fuba ODE992SetEditRadix
Fuba ODS 400SetEditSummit

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Galaxis Easy WorldSetEditGalaxis
Galaxis Hispania FCIS 7000SetEditMVision
Galaxy Innovations S8120SetEditPingulux
Galaxy S1025ESetEditHD100
Galaxy S1026ESetEditHD100
Galaxy Sat 5100SetEditChallenger
Galaxy Sat-9000/9500SetEditTF
Gallun Optimal WilliSetEditArgusMini
Gecco F1SetEditSmarty
Gecco HD 1100/4200SetEditODS
Gecko DR12SetEditMX04HD
GeoStar MicroHDSetEditHD100
Gigablue HD800 UESetEditDream
Globalteq STH 7000 HDCISetEditGT
Globo 50sSetEditCoship2300
Globo 9200/9600 TwinSetEditMX100
Globo Digital 1000/1200/1500/4400SetEditNeotion
Globo Digital 50/400/500/600/610/612/800/SetEditNeotion
Globo PVR 8080FSSetEditDigenius
Globo PVR ISetEditEvolution
Globo SL S Digital 1006SetEditFTE
Golden Interstar 8120SetEditPingulux
Golden Interstar S890 CRCISetEdit918
Golden Media Triple XSetEditPingulux
Golden Media Wizard HD S-BoxSetEditMX04HD
Goldenmedia 9060SetEditArgusMini
Goldenmedia 9080SetEditArgusMini
Goldenmedia 990 CR HDSetEditPingulux
Goldenmedia HD 9055SetEditHD100
Goldmaster 14400SetEditMVision
Goldmaster Digimaster DM 4200/4300/4400/4800SetEditTF
Goldmaster Digimaster DM-4500/5300SetEditTF
Goldmaster Sat 7200/7300/7400/7800/10600SetEditKaon
Goldmaster SAT 9100/9200/9400/9500/9600/9700/9800/10x00SetEditTF
Goldmaster SAT-8200/8210/8350/8400/10200SetEditNeotion
Goldvision 1600 PlusSetEditPremiumX
Goldvision Magic PlatinumSetEditPremiumX
Goldvision PlatinumSetEditPremiumX
Goldvision SurpriseSetEditArcon
Grundig Cinia DTR 2280SetEditLemon
Grundig Series 6 TVSetEditGrundig
Grundig Series 8 TVSetEditGrundig
Grundig Series 9 TVSetEditGrundig
Grundig VLX 8SetEditGrundig

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
HB 4800 HDSetEditGT
He@d 1100/3000/4000 (not plus)SetEditArcon
He@d 2700SetEditOctagon
He@d Black PantherSetEditHBP
He@d DL 9000SetEditDL9000
He@d HD 1100/3000 FTA plusSetEditHeadPlus
He@d HD 1300/4500 (CI)SetEditHeadPlus
He@d HD-2000 plusSetEditHeadPlus
He@d HD-3000 Ci plusSetEditHeadPlus
He@d HD-3500 Plus CXCISetEditHeadPlus
He@d HD-500 FTA KeyflySetEditHeadPlus
He@d HD-500 plusSetEditHeadPlus
He@d SD 790/2500/3900SetEditOctagon
Heaker ZX 8x00SetEditODS
Henco GT-60030SetEditKaon
Hirschmann 2S-HD 950SetEditVantageHD
Hirschmann CSR 92 HDSetEditODS
Hirschmann CSR3000, 3602plusSetEditRadix
Hirschmann CSR5060SetEditSmarty
Hisense H49MEC2650SetEditHisense
Hisense H49MEC3050SetEditHisense
Hisense LTDN42K680SetEditHisense
Hisense Smart TV with channel.db settings fileSetEditHisense
Hisense Smart TV with HIS_SVL.bin settings fileSetEditHisense
Hivion 50x0/70x0/9x9xSetEditHomecast
Homecast 8000 PVRSetEditHomecast
Homecast HS 9000SetEditHomecast
Homecast S-5001/5101SetEditHomecast
Homecast S2000/3000/5000SetEditHomecast
Homecast S500xSetEditHomecast
Horizon HF-2000SetEditArcon
Hotchip 120 PVRSetEditODS
Houston BM-8100SetEditArcon
Houston BM-9100SetEditArcon
Humax 5600SetEdit5600
Humax BTCI-5900SetEditHumaxV3
Humax CI-5100SetEditHumaxV3
Humax CI-5100C (Cable)SetEditHumaxV3
Humax CR-3510SetEditHumaxV3
Humax CR-5510SetEditHumaxV3
Humax CRCI-5500SetEditHumaxV3
Humax F1SetEditHumaxV2
Humax F1-3000SetEditHumaxV3
Humax F1-5000SetEditHumaxV3
Humax F1-ACESetEditHumaxV3
Humax F1-CISetEditHumaxV2
Humax F1-FOXSetEditHumaxV3
Humax F1-VASetEditHumaxV2
Humax F1-VACISetEditHumaxV2
Humax FA-FOXSetEditHumaxV3
Humax FA-NTVSetEditHumaxV3
Humax HD-FoxSetEditIcord
Humax IcordSetEditIcord
Humax IRCI-5400SetEditHumaxV3
Humax NA-ACESetEditHumaxV3
Humax NA-FOXSetEditHumaxV3
Humax NACI-5700SetEditHumaxV3
Humax RCA-992SetEditHumaxV3
Humax VA-3210SetEditHumaxV3
Humax VA-5200CSetEditHumaxV3
Humax VA-OTVSetEditHumaxV3
Humax VA-RussiaSetEditHumaxV3
Humax VA5200SetEditHumaxV3
Humax VACI-5250SetEditHumaxV3
Humax VACI-5300SetEditHumaxV3
Humax VAHD-5300SetEditUFS
Hyundai HSS 7xx/8xx/1xxx/2xxxSetEditUFD
Hyundai HY-1100/6100SetEditEvolution
Hyundai HY-6688SetEditEvolution
Hyundai HYD 1100SetEditArcon

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
I-Set 810SetEditHD100
ICE FC-2003SetEditNeotion
Icecrypt S1600HDSetEditHD100
Icecrypt S3700CHDSetEditPingulux
Icecrypt S4000 HDPVRSetEditFDU-HD
Icon S550SetEditVantage
ID-Digital F-10E/M CI 20 E/MSetEditHumaxV3
Imperial CPSSetEditTechnisat
Imperial HD 3 plusSetEditHD3plus
Imperial HD2plusSetEditHD100
Imperial HD3 K (DVB-C)SetEditHD3plus
Imperial HD5+SetEditSL60
InetHD Combo V2SetEditHD100
Inverto HDSetEditInvertoHD
Inverto IDL 5650SetEditInvertoHD
Inverto IDL 7000SetEditInverto
Inverto IDL3290SetEditInvertoHD
Inverto IDL5550SetEditInvertoHD
Inverto IDL5650SetEditInvertoHD
Inverto IDL6640NSetEditCX10
Inverto Volxbox 6650/6651SetEditCX10
Iris 9600SetEditHD25Zapper
Iris 9700SetEditHD25Zapper
ITT TVSetEditMedionLife
iVisionsat IV-200SetEditFDU

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Jaeger DVB-T 5000SetEditNeotion
Jaeger SRE 5000SetEditNeotion
Jaytech Genesis FHD (only DVB-S)SetEditJaytech
Jaytech NemesisSetEditNemesis
Jepsen JS-6000SetEditChallenger
Jepsen PVR X12SetEditKoscomPVR
JTC Genesis FHD (only DVB-S)SetEditJaytech
JTC GUODDseriesSetEditNemesis
JTC Nemesis UHDSetEditNemesis
JVC TVSetEditMedionLife

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Kaon KSC 550SetEditKaon1000
Kaon KSC-A400HRSetEditHD100
Kaon KSC/KSF 100SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KSF 200/230SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KSF 511SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KSF 575SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KSF 620SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KSF/KT(S)C 500/520SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KSF/KTC 510SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KSF/KTSC 570 H/Co/CxSetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KTSC 590SetEditKaon
Kaon KSC/KTSC/KSF 512SetEditKaon
Kaon KVR 1000SetEditKaon1000
Kathrein UFD (not 500/501/510)SetEditUFD
Kathrein UFE 305/541SetEditUFE
Kathrein UFS 80SetEdit80
Kathrein UFS 932SetEditSL60
Kathrein UFS 9xxSetEditUFS
Kathrein UFS-946SetEditUFS
Kathrein UFS933sw HD+SetEditVT1
Kiatell 370SetEditKaon
Konig SDFTA11SetEditMX04
Koscom DSR 5002SetEditCoship2300
Koscom HD 7400 CISetEdit918
Koscom PVR 5910SetEditKoscomPVR
Koscom PVR 5950SetEditKoscomPVR
Koscom PVR 5970SetEditKoscomPVR
Koscom SDC/SDF 3550SetEditChallenger
Koscom SDC/SDF 5050SetEditFDU
Koscom SDF/SDC 3510SetEditChallenger
Koscom SPVR 5400SetEditFDU
Kreiling KR 1100/2100SetEditLemon
Kreiling KR-7100 HDSetEditInvertoHD
Kyoto 9400/9700/9750/9800SetEditCoship2300

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Lasat HDSetEditLIS
Lawrence LT 7000/7200/7300SetEditEvolution
Lemon 03/07SetEditLemon
Lemon 030/070SetEditLemon
Lemon 040SetEditNeotion
Lemon 070PVRSetEditInverto
Lenus L1SetEditHD100
LexuzBox F36/F40SetEditFDU
LexuzBox F90 HDSetEditHD100
LG LB seriesSetEditTLL
LG LH seriesSetEditTLL
LG OLED seriesSetEditTLL
LG UD seriesSetEditTLL
LG UF seriesSetEditTLL
LG UH seriesSetEditTLL
LG UJ seriesSetEditTLL
Liberty CI-9800SetEditEdision
Liberty FTA 786/9900SetEditEdision
Lidl SL 65SetEditSL65
Lifetime ClassicSetEditEvolution
Linux VDRSetEditVDR
Loewe ARTSetEditLoewe
Loewe BildSetEditLoewe
Loewe ConnectSetEditLoewe
Loewe ONESetEditLoewe
Logisat 1100SetEditSL40
Logisat 1200SetEditSL40
Logisat 1700SetEditHD100
Logisat 1900SetEditHD100
Logisat 2550SetEditSL60
Logisat 2750 HD+SetEditSL60
Logisat 350SetEditHD100
Logisat 4400SetEditSL80
Logisat 4500SetEditSL80

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Ma*Plus HTSSetEditClarkeTech
Madbox MadboxSetEditMadbox
Magike MGK EVOSetEditKaon
Manhattan DSR 2500 CI/CIP/APCISetEditManhattan
Manhattan DSR 5500 CI/APCI/APCIR/CIMSetEditManhattan
Manhattan Plaza 1100/3300SetEditKaon
Marned DS 100 XCISetEditHomecast
Max HD Combo V2SetEditHD100
Maximum 900/901/902SetEditDigiality
Maximum FTA 200SetEditDigiality
Medi@link Black Panther FTA PremiumSetEditSummit
Medi@link Black Panther FTA PremiumSetEditMBPFTA
Medi@link Black Panther Smart Home ML 1150sSetEditSummit
Medi@link Black Panther Smart Home ML 1200sSetEditSummit
Medi@link Smart Home ML6500SetEditSummit
Media Art 1SetEditHBP
MediaCom MCI 710SetEditTF
Mediacom MFT-910/MCI-910/MNA-920SetEditDAW900
Medialink ML1200SSetEditQviart
Mediastar M-IR 5000SetEditEvolution
Medion 20148SetEditHD100
Medion 21174SetEdit21174
Medion 26078SetEditSL60
Medion DVB 3001SetEditODS
Medion FTA 3000/3010/4410SetEditODS
Medion FTA/CI 3500SetEditODS
Medion HD 3520/3540SetEditODS
Medion HD-6040FSetEditEvolution
Medion Life P24006 (MD26004)SetEditSL60
Medion Life 24030SetEditSL60
Medion Life E24003 (MD26001)SetEditSL60
Medion Life MD26001/E24003SetEditSL80
Medion Life MD28005/E24018SetEditSL80
Medion Life P15068 (MD 30468)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Life P15099 (MD 30586)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Life P15118 (MD 30628)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Life P15210 (MD 31020)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Life P16063 (MD 30804) SetEditMedionLife
Medion Life P1S110 (MD 30297)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Life P24009SetEditHD100
Medion Life P24013SetEditHD100
Medion MD 20255 (P12095)SetEditMedionLife
Medion MD 20294 (P13037)SetEditMedionLife
Medion MD 24000SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24005/24006/24017SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24023SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24040SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24044SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24075SetEdit8012
Medion MD 24080SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24088SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24120SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24500SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24900SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 24925SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 26001SetEditSL80
Medion MD 29000SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 29400SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 30297SetEditMedionLife
Medion MD 30468SetEditMedionLife
Medion MD 30580 (X17017)SetEditMedionLife
Medion MD 30628 (P15118)SetEditMedionLife
Medion MD 3160SetEditDigenius
Medion MD 40017SetEditDigenius
Medion MD-24021aSetEditFTE
Medion MD28004 (P24009)SetEditHD100
Medion MD28008 (P24013)SetEditHD100
Medion MD29100 (P24014)SetEditHD100
Medion MD31240 (X18112)SetEditMedionLife
Medion MD31255 (X17038)SetEditMedionLife
Medion MDS 3060SetEditDigenius
Medion MDS 4000/4101, 4020SetEditCoship2300
Medion MHS 1000/2000/3000SetEditDigenius
Medion P13037SetEditMedionLife
Medion P14083SetEdit21174
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X14907 (DVB-S)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X14907 (DVB-S/C/T)SetEditZL1
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X16015SetEditMedionLife
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X16524 (DVB-S)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X17038SetEditMedionLife
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X18068SetEditMedionLife
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X18175 (DVB-S)SetEditMedionLife
Medion Ultra HD Smart TV X18175 (DVB-S/C/T)SetEditZL1
Medion XX2001RSetEditODS
Medistar Plus IISetEditAtSat
Megasat 5000 PVRSetEditDigenius
Megasat HD 230 CV 2SetEditSL40
Megasat HD 500 seSetEditSL40
Megasat HD 510SetEditSL40
Megasat HD 601 V1/V2SetEditQviart
Megasat HD800/HD700SetEditHD100
Megasat HD900SetEdit405
Megasat HD910X/PremiumSetEdit405
Megasat HD950SetEditHD950
Megasat Soundbox V.0208SetEditLIS
Megastar MS-800 -/CI/CIMSetEditKaon
Metabox (Combo) HD CXCI/CISetEditGT
Metabox III/IVSetEditAtSat
Metronic NemesisSetEditXSat
Metronic NiceBoxSetEditArcon
Metronic Ouralis Evolution 3SetEditEdision
Metronic ReplayBoxSetEditRadix
Metronic Zap BoxSetEditArcon
Metz (Ch610-612 V4.0)SetEditMetz
Metz (Ch613-)SetEditMetz
Metz (Ch616)SetEditMetz
Micro 25HD ZapperSetEditSL40
Micro M100/2 HDSetEditSL80
Micro M160/200/500SetEditHD100
Micro M22CSetEditSL40
Micro M30(/12)SetEditHD100
Micro M45SetEditHD100
Micro M72/73SetEditHD100
Micro M80/120 HD+/M150/M150 HD+SetEditHD100
Micro-X MDR-6000SetEditEvolution
Microelectronic M170SetEditSL60
Micromax MM 2004SetEditEdision
Micromax MM-2005SetEditEdision
Micromax MM-3100SetEditEdision
Micromaxx MM-24002/24042SetEditDigenius
Micronik 1200/13x0SetEditMicronik
Miraclebox 8 HD PVRSetEditFDU-HD
MK-Digital XP 1000SetEditDream
Morgans 4100SetEditODS
MVision 8085SetEditMVision
MVision 9080/9085SetEditMVision
MVision FS 7000SetEditMVision
MVision HD 200SetEditHD200
MVision HD 300NSetEditHD200
MVision HD400SetEditHD100
MVision S4SetEditSTX
MVision SX/STX-5SetEditSTX

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
NanoXX 9200/9400SetEditVantage
NanoXx 9500SetEditVantageHD
NanoXX Omega HDSetEditOmega
Neotion Box (500/1000/2000/3000)SetEditNeotion
Netron SMT 6000 FTASetEditCXSummer
Netstar YE-7600SetEditKaon
Neutrino (Nokia, Sagem, Philips)SetEditNeutrino
NewLine HD22SetEditSL40
Newstar ST 202SetEditArcon
Newstar ST-201/Sat DVB-5013SetEditComag
Next Point HDSetEditQviart
Next YE 2000HDSetEditHD100
Next YE 5000SetEditEvolution
Next YE-2005/2050SetEditKaon
Next YE-7500SetEditEvolution
Next YE-8500SetEditEvolution
Nextstar YE-5500 CI/FTASetEditEvolution
Nextvision NV8050SetEditKaon
Nextwave PVR 3790SetEditKoscomPVR
Nextwave SRDSetEditNextwave2500
Nokia 9200/9500/9600 (DVB2000)SetEditDVB2000
Nokia 980x (MA 1.1/1.2/1.3/2.0 CS 1.0/1.1)SetEdit9800
Nokia 9902SetEdit9800
Nokia dBox II (Neutrino)SetEditNeutrino

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Octagon 1008SetEditFDU-HD
Octagon 1018SetEditFDU-HD
Octagon 1028PSetEditFDU-HD
Octagon 718SetEdit918
Octagon 808/818SetEdit918
Octagon 908SetEdit918
Octagon SF 118/318/518SetEditOctagon
Octagon SF118 HDEntranceSetEditSL40
Octagon SF918SetEdit918
Octagon SF918SE+SetEditFDU-HD
OK OLESetEditMedionLife
Olimpia AF-7100/8100/8110SetEditArcon
Omax 1000 FTASetEditHomecast
Omax 2000 CISetEditHomecast
Omax 850SetEditHomecast
Omax R750SetEditHomecast
Onwa X2/X3/X5/X7/X9SetEditKaon
Openbox F-100 X-600 X-610 F-210 BluestarSetEditArcon
Openbox 4 (AF 3018)SetEditEdision
Openbox 5 BluestarSetEditArcon
Openbox 810SetEdit810
Openbox F-1700 AF-8100SetEditArcon
Openbox F300SetEditChallenger
Openbox M3SetEditHD100
Openbox S10SetEditHD100
Openbox S12SetEditHD100
Openbox S3SetEditS3
Openbox S6SetEditFDU-HD
Openbox S7 HDSetEditFDU-HD
Openbox S8SetEditFDU-HD
Openbox S9SetEditHD100
Openbox SXSetEditFDU-HD
Openbox V8SetEditOpenboxV8
Openbox X-620SetEditArcon
Openbox X730/750/770 PVRSetEditFDU
Opensat XT9500SetEdit8500
Opensky OPS-2000SetEditArcon
Opentel ODSSetEditODS
Optex 8990 PVRSetEditKoscomPVR
Optibox 8750SetEdit918
Optibox CableSetEditFDU
Optibox ComboSetEditFDU
Optibox ExtraSetEditFDU
Optibox Plus FTA PVR readySetEditFDU
Optibox Prima FTA PVR readySetEditFDU
Opticum 402/403 HDSetEditArgusMini
Opticum 405/406SetEdit405
Opticum 5518SetEditODS
Opticum 7700 HD CICXSetEditHomecast
Opticum 8000SetEditFDU
Opticum 9600 HDSetEditVenton
Opticum Actus (Enigma)SetEditDream
Opticum Actus (Original)SetEditFDU-HD
Opticum Actus Duo Linux CISetEditFDU-HD
Opticum Actus SoloSetEditFDU-HD
Opticum CX406pSetEdit405
Opticum HD AX 150SetEditQviart
Opticum HD S50SetEditHD100
Opticum Orton X80SetEditHD100
Opticum X110pSetEditHD100
Opticum x403pSetEditArgusMini
Opticum X7SetEditArgusMini
Opticum XD-S850SetEditFDU-HD
Ora AT-5010SetEditKaon
Orbitech Digital SSetEditNeotion
Orbitech FTA/CI 400SetEditTechnisat
Orbitech SkysatSSetEditTechnisat
Oritech FTA/CI 350SetEditTechnisat
Oyster TVSetEditOyster

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Pacific DSR 3800SetEditFortec
Palcom DSL1/DSL-2100SetEditDigenius
Palcom DSL3SetEditTonbury
Palcom PVR 6500/6600SetEditMX100
Panasonic DMR-BST720SetEditPanasonic
Panasonic DMR-BST721SetEditPanasonic
Panasonic DMR-BST820SetEditPanasonic
Panasonic DMR-BST835SetEditPanasonic
Panasonic DMR-BST850SetEditPanasonic
Panasonic EX580 seriesSetEditPanasonic
Panasonic TX-48CXW404SetEditMedionLife
Panasonic VieraSetEditPanasonic
Pansat 1100NASetEditUFD
Pansat 200/300/500CISetEditUFD
Pansat 250SMSetEditPS
Pansat 330 ASetEditUFD
Pansat 700 HCSetEditUFD
Philips dBox II (Neutrino)SetEditNeutrino
Philips PFL 7000 seriesSetEditPFL
Philips PUK seriesSetEditPFL
Philips PUS seriesSetEditPFL
Phoenix ApolloSetEditChallenger
Phonotrend SDR 2900SetEditAD3000
Pixx PX1802HD-S2SetEditVenton
Powersky PS-8210SetEditArcon
Praxis 2006/2010SetEditHeadPlus
Praxis Digimaster 9800 CI/AD+PSetEditPraxis
Praxis DigiSlim 9900SetEditCoship2300
Preisner SR 300/340SetEditTonbury
Preisner SRD 1000SetEditPreisner
Preisner SRD 40SetEditODS
Premier PRS-10200SetEditComag
PremiumX 2020/7000/7100/8000/8500/8600SetEditPremiumX
PS 1900 CN/CI/CR/CRCISetEditEdision
Pulsat PL 1100 FTASetEditHeadPlus

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Qviart ComboSetEditQviart
Qviart MiniSetEditQviart
Qviart Undro 4KSetEditQviart
Qviart UndroSetEditQviart
Qviart UnicSetEditQviart

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Radix Alpha 3000/5000SetEditRadix
Radix Alpha 4000SetEditKoscomPVR
Radix Alpha 6000SetEditKoscomPVR
Radix Alpha HD-1SetEditRadix
Radix DSR/DCR 9900SetEditRadix
Radix DSR/DTR 9000SetEditRadix
Radix DT-10/11SetEditRadix
Radix DT-1200/1500SetEditRadix
Radix DT-30/31SetEditRadix
Radix DT-3000SetEditRadix
Radix DT-3100SetEditRadix
Radix DT-43/63SetEditRadix
Radix DT-5000SetEditRadix
Radix DT-5300/5500SetEditRadix
Radix DT-X1SetEditRadix
Radix DT-X2/3SetEditRadix
Rebox 2101/2701SetEditFDU
Rebox 4000 HD PVRSetEditFDU-HD
Rebox 4210 HD PVRSetEditFDU-HD
Rebox 8500PVRSetEditFDU-HD
Rebox RE9000 HDSetEditFDU-HD
Redline RL-8500/9500SetEditEvolution
Renkforce 2510CSetEditSL40

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
S-Dragon X-1100/1200/2100/2200SetEditArrox
SAB 8005/8015/8035SetEditKaon
SAB ExplorerSetEditChallenger
SAB Nextvision PVRSetEditKoscomPVR
SAB S-8005/8010/8015/8030SetEditKaon
SAB Titan 1 HDSetEditArgusMini
SAB Ultimate HD super plusSetEdit918
SAB Ultimedia HDSetEditUltimedia
SAB Unix F+SetEditPingulux
Sagem dBox II (Neutrino)SetEditNeutrino
Samsung 801SetEditTF
Samsung 9500SetEditS9500
Samsung C-SeriesSetEditSC
Samsung D-SeriesSetEditSC
Samsung E-SeriesSetEditSC
Samsung F-SeriesSetEditSC
Samsung H-SeriesSetEditSC
Samsung J-Series <=5xxx channel_list_UExxx.scmSetEditSC
Samsung J/JU/J S-Series >=6xxx Tizen channel_list_T-xxx.zipSetEditSamsungJ
Samsung K-Series <=5xxx channel_list_UExxx.scmSetEditSC
Samsung K/KU/KS-Series >=6xxx Tizen channel_list_T-xxx.zipSetEditSamsungJ
Samsung M/N/Q SeriesSetEditSamsungJ
Samsung SFT/SCI 702/703 E/M (plus)SetEditS7
Sansui SF 5000/6000SetEditODS
Sanusi SCM-6300SetEditChallenger
Sanusi SFM-5200Opensat X7000/X7700SetEditChallenger
SanyoSat 2500SetEditArcon
Sat-Star 1700/2200/8600SetEditEdision
Sat-Star DSR-5100/5300/5400SetEditMX31
Sat-Star ME-SL-988SetEditEdision
Satcatcher CSCI 2200SetEditChallenger
Satcatcher MatchboxSetEditAtSat
Satcatcher Voyager II/IIISetEditChallenger
Satcom 12x00SetEditODS
Satconn DVB2003SetEditComag
Satcruiser 5000SetEditCoship2300
Satech 3100/4100SetEditAtSat
Satycon F1/F2SetEditSkyChannel
SC IR 7000SetEditEvolution
Schaub Lorenz SL-305/306/505SetEditHomecast
Schaub Lorenz TV L9600SetEditMedionLife
Schneider SVB 2000SetEditTF
Schwaiger DCR 606SetEditFDU-HD
Schwaiger DSR 1001/DigiZap Junior/DigiZap IISetEditCoship2300
Schwaiger DSR 490 HDSetEditComagHDS
Schwaiger DSR 5001/5002/5012SetEditRadix
Schwaiger DSR 5001plusSetEditEdision
Schwaiger DSR 5003 PVRSetEditODS
Schwaiger DSR 5016DRSetEditKoscomPVR
Schwaiger DSR 605SetEditFDU-HD
Schwaiger DSR-1000SetEditNeotion
Schwaiger DSR8000HDRSetEditLIS
Schwaiger SSR 8000/8200/8250/8300SetEditFortec
Sedea S-6200SetEditEdision
Sedea S9000SetEditTF
Sedou SDR 312x/3300SetEditNextwave2500
SetOne Easyone TX8000SetEditHD100
SetOne I-Set 1600SetEditHD100
SetOne S-HDSetEditHD100
Sharp Aquos Smart TVSetEditSharp
Signal G-4 IRCISetEditEvolution
Silvercrest SL 65SetEditSL65
Skybox F3SetEditHD100
Skycom SCM 7270SetEditEdision
Skymaster DCI 9710SetEditNeotion
Skymaster DCI 9900SetEditAD3000
Skymaster DVR 9300/9380/DVR 9200/DCI 9610SetEditTonbury
Skymaster DVR9400SetEditCoship2300
Skymaster DXH 11SetEditHD100
Skymaster DXH 300SetEditHD3plus
Skymaster DXL 9200SetEditAD3000
Skymaster PVR 9500SetEditTF
Skyplus 1800HDSetEditComagHDS
Skyplus 2600/3x00/4x00SetEditODS
Skyplus 500/800/1000/1500SetEditNeotion
Skyplus Digital 500/6xx/800/1000/1200/1500SetEditODS
Skyplus DVR FS/FT 6000SetEditDigenius
Skyplus Globo PVR 800SetEditDigenius
Skyter HD skyter.tvSetEditSkyter
SkyX X2/X5SetEditClarkeTech
Smart Centurio CISetEditODS
Smart CX01SetEditMX04HD
Smart CX04SetEditMX04HD
Smart CX10SetEditCX10
Smart CX20SetEditMX04HD
Smart CX42SetEditMX04HD
Smart CX62SetEditMX04HD
Smart CX70SetEditMX04HD
Smart DVB-S CIXSetEditMX31
Smart EnigmaSetEditEnigma
Smart Joy HDSetEditMX04HD
Smart MaximusSetEditSmarty
Smart MX03SetEditMX04
Smart MX04SetEditMX04
Smart MX04 CISetEditMX04
Smart MX04 plusSetEditMX04
Smart MX04-LSetEditMX04
Smart MX04-L+SetEditMX04
Smart MX04HDSetEditMX04HD
Smart MX100SetEditMX100
Smart MX31/MX31X/OX53/OX69SetEditMX31
Smart MX40SetEditMX40
Smart MX92SetEditMX92
Smart RapidoSetEditGranvision
Smart Rapido 2SetEditRapido2
Smart Rapido 3SetEditRapido3
Smart SmartmeterSetEditSmartmeter
Smart Smartmeter C10SetEditS10
Smart Smartmeter S10SetEditS10
Smart Smartmeter T10SetEditS10
Smart Titanium V2SetEditInvertoHD
Smart VX10SetEditCX10
Smart Zappix HD+SetEditCX10
Smartbox 30/401/402SetEditCXSummer
SonicView SV HD 8000SetEdit8012
Sony KD**X900*ASetEditSony
Sony KDL-**EX*5*SetEditSony
Sony KDL-**HX*5*SetEditSony
Sony KDL-**W60*ASetEditSony
Sony KDL-**W65*ASetEditSony
Sony KDL-**W80*ASetEditSony
Sony KDL-**W90*ASetEditSony
Sony TV 2015 modelsSetEditSony
Sony TV 2016 modelsSetEditSony
Sony TV 2017 modelsSetEditSony
Sony TV 2018 modelsSetEditSony
Sony TV 2019 modelsSetEditSony
Sonysat 4000SetEditNextwave2500
Sonysat DSR 9292 XSetEditSAB
SpaceStar DVB 500SetEditNextwave2500
Spiderbox 5000SetEditSTX
Spiderbox HD9000SetEditHD200
Starcom FTA/CISetEditHomecast
Starsat SR-V 300ASetEditAston
Starsat SR-V 6000SetEditAston
Starsat SR-X 120/130/150SetEditHomecast
Starsat SR-X 1500DSetEditComag
Starsat SR-X 1600DSetEditComag
Starsat SR-X2200 IRSetEditEvolution
StarSat SR2000HDSetEditQviart
Start Track SRT 2015 HDSetEditArgusMini
Startway 4000SetEditArcon
Startway 5000SetEditArcon
Starway 7000SetEditArcon
Starway SW7000SetEditPremiumX
StreamSystem BM-1000SetEditKaon
Strom CI/MS1200 FTASetEditEvolution
Strong 4155/4355/4375 (not Evolution)SetEditStrong4xx5
Strong 4xxx EvolutionSetEditEvolution
Strong 6205SetEditCT
Strong 7505SetEdit811
Strong Smart TV A620SetEditStrongTV
Strong SRT 4356 PVRSetEditEvolution
Strong SRT 4620II/4650SetEditClarkeTech
Strong SRT 4622/4652SetEditClarkeTech
Strong SRT 4642SetEditClarkeTech
Strong SRT 4655SetEditClarkeTech
Strong SRT 4657/4822SetEditClarkeTech
Strong SRT 4820IISetEditClarkeTech
Strong SRT 7002/7003SetEditSL40
Strong SRT-4500/5100 (CI)SetEditNextwave2500
Strong SRT-4640SetEditClarkeTech
Sumin SMT-4200SetEditODS
Sumin SMT-5200SetEditODS
Summit 5000/5300SetEditSummit
Sunny AT 1030/7020SetEditKaon
Sunny AT 7010/9030/9060/9080SetEditKaon
Sunny AT 7011SetEditKaon
Sunny AT 8000SetEditKaon
Sunny AT 8012/9040SetEditKaon
Sunny AT 8020SetEditKaon
Sunny AT9000SetEditKaon1000
Sunny DT 9020SetEditKaon
Superbox SB9000HDSetEditArgusMini
Supermax 99x0SetEditODS
Supersat 12950SetEditODS

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Taplin 8800/9900SetEditAtSat
TBoston 4600/4650SetEditFDU
TCL U49P6006X1 and compatibleSetEditTCL
TCL U58S7806 and compatibleSetEditTCL
Technisat DigiBoxSetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digicoder HD-S2SetEditTechnisat
Technisat DigiCorder HD S3SetEditS1
Technisat DigiCorder ISIOSetEditS1
Technisat Digicorder S1/S2 (+)SetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digit 1/D/CI/P/PK/C/CCI/VASetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digit CIVA/Pr-KSetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digit HD K2SetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digit HD8(+)SetEditS1
Technisat Digit Isio SSetEditS1
Technisat Digit Isio S1SetEditS1
Technisat Digit ISIO S2SetEditSTC
Technisat Digit K3SetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digit MF4 S/T/KSetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digit S2/S4SetEditTechnisat
Technisat DigitSat 1SetEditTechnisat
Technisat Digity (CI)SetEditTechnisat
Technisat Dual PVR CableSetEditTechnisat
Technisat HD Vision 32SetEditTechnisat
TechniSat HD-C 232SetEditSL40
TechniSat HD221SetEditSL40
Technisat HDTV-100SetEditS1
Technisat ISIO STCSetEditSTC
Technisat ISIO STC+SetEditSTC
Technisat MultyVision ISIOSetEditS1
Technisat MulyVision HD8SetEditS1
Technisat Sat NCI/XPSSetEditTechnisat
Technisat Satboxx HD+SetEditSL60
Technisat TechnilineSetEditS1
Technisat TechniStar IRSetEditS1
Technisat TechniStar K3SetEditS1
Technisat TechniStar S1 (+)SetEditS1
Technisat TechniStar S2SetEditS1
Technisat TechniVision HDSetEditS1
Technisat Tereo 22, 26, 32, 40SetEditMedionLife
TechniStar S3 ISIOSetEditS1
Technocoms x-1500/200/250/300/350/1000/2000SetEditArcon
Technocoms x-650/x-4000SetEditArcon
Technomate TM 1000/1500/1600SetEditClarkeTech
Technomate TM-6800HDSetEditClarkeTech
Technosat T 2000/2200/3000/PVR 100SetEditTF
Technosat T-1020 ClassicSetEditEvolution
Technosat T-2100SetEditEvolution
Technosat Wonderbox 6600SetEditKaon
Techwood S9012 HDSetEditSL40
Telefunken TF4000 (CI+)SetEditHD3plus
Telefunken TVSetEditMedionLife
Telefunken UA-100SetEditArcon
Telemann DTR 4000 PlusSetEditODS
Telestar 2220 HDSetEditTelestar2220
Telestar DiginovaSetEditTechnisat
Telestar Diginova HDSetEditS1
Telestar Diginova HD+SetEditS1
Telestar Digio 331 HD+SetEditCX10
Telestar Digit HD+SetEditSL60
Telestar TC6SetEditSL40
Telestar TeledigiSetEditTechnisat
Televes DTR 7294SetEditKaon
Telewire TW 3002/3003/3101/3005SetEditODS
ten Haaft Oyster HD EuropeSetEditOyster
Termal AF-1900SetEditArcon
Termal PS-8210SetEditArcon
Tevion DFA 202SetEditTevion
Tevion DFA/FTA 2004SetEditFinePass
Tevion PVR 8005 HDDSetEditFinePass
Theara TH 2000SetEditEvolution
Thomson 43UC6326 and compatibleSetEditTCL
Thomson 811SetEdit811
Thomson DSR 150/151SetEditDigenius
Tiviar F1SetEditFDU-HD
TMX 7030 CISSetEditAston
TMX 7090 PVRSetEditTF
Tonbury Cupid D, JupiterSetEditTonbury
Topfield CRP2401SetEditTMS
Topfield SBI 2010SetEditTMS
Topfield SBP 2000SetEditTMS
Topfield SBP 2001SetEditTMS
Topfield SBP 2401SetEditTMS
Topfield SRP 2000SetEditTMS
Topfield SRP 2100SetEditTMS
Topfield SRP 2410SetEditTMS
Topfield SRP 2410MSetEditTMS
Topfield SRP 2411SetEditTMS
Topfield SRP2401SetEditTMS
Topfield TF 7750SetEditTF7000
Topfield TF3000 FEi/FI/CIP/CIpro/CIPpro/CoCiSetEditTF
Topfield TF3100 FEi/FEPproSetEditTF
Topfield TF4000 PVR/PVRCoCi (not FE!)SetEditTF
Topfield TF4000FeSetEditTF5000
Topfield TF5000/5500/6000/6500 (Masterpiece)SetEditTF5000
Topfield TF500PVRC/TSetEditTF5000
Topfield TF510PVRCSetEditTF5000
Topfield TF5200 CSetEditTF5000
Topfield TF520PVRCSetEditTF5000
Topfield TF7700 HDPVR/HSCISetEditTF7000
Topfield TF7710 HDPVR/HSCISetEditTF7000
TopVision Y111/121 SCISetEditVantage
Toshiba 55ZL1G/55ZL2GSetEditZL1
Toshiba L/W 23xx/24xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba L3443SetEditMedionLife
Toshiba L3448SetEditMedionLife
Toshiba L4xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba RL8xx/9xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba RV743SetEditZL1
Toshiba SL8xx/9xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba TL8xx/9xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba U7 series (e.g. 55_U7_763)SetEditZL1
Toshiba V6 series (e.g. 49_V6_763) SetEditZL1
Toshiba VL8xx/9xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba W1343GSetEditMedionLife
Toshiba WL8xx/9xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba Xl 9xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba xxL4yySetEditZL1
Toshiba xxL7yySetEditZL1
Toshiba YL8xx/9xxSetEditZL1
Toshiba ZL1SetEditZL1
Toshiba ZV743SetEditZL1
Traxis DBS 4500/5500 CISetEditComag
TrekStore Satcorder Neptune ClassicSetEditInvertoHD
TrekStore Satcorder Neptune HDSetEditInvertoHD
Triax DVB 58, 159SetEditRadix
Triax HDR 110SetEditSL40
Truman TM-5000/7000SetEditEvolution
Truman TM-TorontoSetEditEvolution
Truman TM-VegaSetEditEvolution
TVStar TS 4000SetEditSL40

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
UltraPlus F-9000HDSetEditFDU-HD
Univers U4101/4102SetEditComag

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Vantage 201/211/221SetEditVantage
Vantage HD 1100SetEditVantageHD
Vantage HD 6000SetEditVantageHD
Vantage HD 7100SetEditVantageHD
Vantage HD 8000SetEditVantageHD
Vantage VT-101/111/121SetEditVantage
Vantage VT1SetEditVT1
Vantage VT100 S HD+SetEditVT1
Vantage VT100SetEditVT1
Vantage VT1000CSetEditVT1
Venton CC1000SetEditVentonSD
Venton HD100S-S2SetEditVenton
Venton HD200SetEditVenton
Venton UniboxSetEditDream
VHSat (CI)SetEditDigenius
Viewsat VS-2000SetEditODS
Visionic VN-4312SetEditArcon
Visionic VRN 3342SetEditTF
Vistron easyZAP 1.9 HDSetEditLIS
Vistron VT 8000SetEditLIS
Viva VS-9000SetEditArcon
Vizyon VZ 9100 FTA/CISetEditKaon
Vizyon VZ-7700 HDseSetEdit405
VU+ DuoSetEditDream
VU+ Solo 4KSetEditDream
VU+ SoloSetEditDream
VU+ Ultimo 4KSetEditDream
VU+ UltimoSetEditDream
VU+ Uno 4KSetEditDream
VU+ Zero 4KSetEditDream
VU+ ZeroSetEditDream
Vuga DVB-T2 H.265SetEditQviart

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Walker WPxx TVSetEditMedionLife
Wavecom WF731COSetEditFDU
Wavelength DSR-192/807SetEditEdision
Winstec MSR-320SetEditMX31
Wintal WIN 1XSSetEditDigenius
Wisi OR 605SetEditVenton
Wisi OR 96/97SetEditTonbury
Wisi OR-80/OR-90/OR-91/OR-92SetEditODS
Wisi OR294SetEditLIS
Wisi OR53DSetEditInvertoHD
Wisi OR54DSetEditInverto
Wisi OR55DSetEditInvertoHD
Wisi OX53/OX69SetEditMX31
Wismann ST10400SetEditEvolution
Wonik 5910SetEditKoscomPVR
Worldsat Falcom DSR 250SetEditXSat

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
X-Dragon X-1100/1200/2100/2200SetEditArrox
X-Pro 1SetEditEdision
XCom Xsat CD.TV 410SetEditXSat
Xcruiser XDSR HDSetEditSem
Xeobox 7200 CI+SetEditFDU-HD
Xoro 2610SetEditSL40
Xoro 7620SetEditSL40
Xoro 7660SetEditSL40
Xoro 8500SetEditSL40
Xoro 8525SetEditSL40
Xoro 8530SetEditSL40
Xoro 8560SetEditSL40
Xoro 8600SetEdit8600
Xoro 8659SetEditSL40
Xoro 8660SetEditSL40
Xoro 8670SetEditSL40
Xoro 8688SetEditSL40
Xoro 9500IPSetEditVT1
Xoro HRK 8750SetEditHD100
Xoro HRS 9200SetEditHD100
Xoro XRC 900SetEditHD100
Xtreme KSC 5x0/UCAS/Skycrypt/XSC 520/XSFSetEditXtreme
Xtreme MSR 5830/5690SetEditAtSat
Xtrend ET9200SetEditDream

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Yamuto 5500/7500/8500/8600SetEditNextwave2500

@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Zehnder DX2000/3000/50x0, DX62SetEditZehnder
Zehnder DX4000/DX500/DX800SetEditNeotion
Zehnder HX7120USetEditSL40
Zehnder ZX 1000/DX 6042SetEditODS
Zodiac DZR 1900SetEditArcon
Zodiac DZR-1200SetEditArcon

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